Connecting a Payment Provider

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Whenever possible, Wix automatically connects you to a recommended payment provider. You are, of course, free to connect to any payment provider available in your location
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Connecting a payment provider

  1. Go to Accept Payments in your site's dashboard.
    Tip: Check your business location at the top right. If incorrect, click the drop-down menu to change it.
  2. See more options, or connect an option:
    • See more options: 
      1. Click See More Payment Options at the bottom to view more available providers in your location. 
      2. If available, click See Options next to Third-Party Credit/Debit Card Providers to view additional providers. 
    • Connect: Click Connect next to the payment provider you want to use.
A screenshot showing the Stripe connect button,
  1. Connect an existing account with the payment provider or create a new one: 
    • Connect existing account: Enter your account credentials and click Connect.
    • Create account: Click Create [Provider] account and follow the steps to create an account. Once created you can connect the account using the steps above.


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