Available Payment Providers for Selling CBD on Wix

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If your business is based in the U.S., you can use Wix to sell hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products online. Wix has partnered with third-party payment providers, Square, Bankful, Priority Payments and Evergreen Payments Northwest so you can securely accept payments for hemp and hemp-derived CBD products on your site.  

Connecting to a Payment Provider

If you haven't yet connected your site to a payment provider, you'll be able to connect to Square or Bankful right after submitting the Declaration for Selling Hemp Products. You can either create a new account with the provider or connect an existing account if you have one. 
For more information about our third-party providers, click below:
When creating an account with a third-party payment provider to sell hemp or hemp-derived CBD products, the application process may take longer than usual. Wix cannot guarantee the approval of your account, which is at the sole discretion of the relevant payment provider.  

Changing Your Payment Provider

If your site is connected to a provider that doesn't support the sale of hemp and hemp-derived, you can change your provider to Square after submitting the declaration form.  

To change your payment provider:

After reading and submitting the declaration, you'll be redirected to the Accept Payments tab in your site's dashboard.

  1. Click Connect beside your desired provider.
  1. Click Yes, Switch to confirm your new provider.
  2. Connect your account:
  • Have an account:
    • Enter your credentials
    • Click Sign in.
  • Don't have an account:
    • Click Create new account and follow the steps to create your account.
Connected to Wix Payments?
After submitting the declaration form, your Wix Payments account will be automatically closed so you can connect to Square. Learn More

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