Wix Multilingual: Automatically Showing Your Site to Visitors in the Language of their Browsers

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Automatically display your site in the language that matches visitors' browser settings. For instance, if your site is translated into German and the user browser is set to German, the user will see the German version without having to manually select it from the language menu. If you didn't add German to your site, this user will see default language but can still manually switch languages from the menu.
A screenshot of a wix site with the language selector open
  • Redirecting your site visitors based on their perceived language may stop them from viewing all the language versions of your site. 
  • Redirecting automatically affects search results. Search engines will only crawl and index your site for their main language. For example, the Googlebot crawler usually originates from the USA and will only crawl the English version of your site for search results. Learn more about multilingual sites from Google
  • This feature is only available if you have at least one active secondary language in Wix Multilingual. Make sure your language is visible in the Multilingual dashboard.
  • You need to add the relevant language in Wix Multilingual for it to display. If you do not have your site translated into a visitor's browser language, they will see your default language version.
  • Visitors must accept the cookie consent banner for the auto-switch to work. Before enabling the language auto-switch, add and translate the cookie consent banner.
Wix Editor
Editor X
Studio Editor
  1. Go to Multilingual in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Language auto-switch toggle to change how your site redirects: 
    • Enabled: The site is automatically displayed in the visitor's browser language.
    • Disabled: The site is displayed in your site's main language, and visitors must switch to their preferred language using your language menu.
A screenshot of the General Settings tab with the Language auto-switch tab highlighted.

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