Wix Chat: Translating Wix Chat

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Chat with your site visitors in all languages your multilingual site offers. With Wix Multilingual, you can easily translate your chat's header, lead capture form and automated messages.  
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Translating Wix Chat

Translate your chat to expand your global reach, diversify your site content and craft a chat experience tailored to your visitors.
You can fully translate your pre-chat form, as well as the text your chatbot displays.

To translate your chat:

  1. Go to Translation Manager in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Chat on the left. 
  3. Choose the relevant option:
    • If you auto-translated your site: Review the automated translations and edit if necessary. 
    • If you didn't use auto-translation: Translate the fields manually. You can also click Auto-translate below a field to automatically translate that specific field.
  4. Click Save and Publish.
A screenshot of Wix Multilingual Translation Manager in the site dashboard.


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