Wix Bookings: About the Wix Booking Calendar

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The Booking Calendar is the place to schedule your appointments, classes and courses. You can keep track of your bookings, make scheduling changes, manage clients, and much more. 
A screenshot showing the booking calendar.

Easily change the calendar view

You can change how you view your Booking Calendar to suit your needs. Check the schedule for an entire week or a specific date, including all free time slots. You can also see the complete list of sessions for a single day or view upcoming bookings for each staff member.
Choose from the following views:
  • Weekly view: View your entire calendar for the selected week, including all sessions and free time slots.
  • Daily view: View the schedule for the selected date, including all free time slots.
  • Staff view: Check the upcoming sessions for the selected date, with sessions sorted into columns based on the staff member in charge.
  • Schedule: View a list of sessions on the selected date, including the time, type, number of participants, staff member in charge and the location. 
A screenshot showing the different views available in the booking calendar.

Create filters and use color codes

Fine-tune what you see in your calendar by adding filters to it. You can filter by service, staff, location, session availability, and more. You can also color code your calendar to suit your needs. Learn more about filtering the Wix Bookings Calendar.
Click the More Actions icon  and select Change calendar display to color code your sessions by service type or by staff member. This makes it easier to check availability or manage any last-minute schedule changes.
A screenshot showing how to change calendar display.
You can then select a color for each one so that you can easily identify sessions on your calendar.
A screenshot showing where to add color coding for your staff members.
Sessions with no participants booked or bookings which are not yet approved are not shaded in with color. 

Manage your complete schedule

Use your calendar to add new appointments, class sessions, and course sessions. You can also block off time you don't want clients to be able to book online or create a new service.
A screen shot showing how to schedule different services in the Booking Calendar.
Learn more about:

Update your clients' attendance and payments

Manage the attendance and payment status for all clients that have made bookings. Select the relevant appointment, class or course in your calendar to view its participants list. 
A screenshot showing how to update a client's attendance.
Marking attendance is useful for keeping track of payments and seeing which of your services are most popular. You can check your site's statistics in the Reports tab.

Manage your clients' information

From the sessions or appointments in your calendar, you can access all your clients' contact cards to edit their details, book sessions for them, send messages and more. 
Through a client's contact card, you can chat directly with them and book sessions or offer coupons. You can also add notes for yourself about your client and their progress, set up tasks, add an attachment (such as a medical permission form) and much more. 
A screenshot showing a client's contact card.
Learn more about editing your contacts

Analyze your booking activity

The Analytics panel on the right side of the Booking Calendar gives you a quick overview of all booking activity on your site in the last 30 days. This is a great way of using data to inform your decisions each month, including adding new time slots for your most popular services.
Screenshot showing the Bookings Analytics panel of the Booking Calendar in the dashboard.

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