Wix Automations: Troubleshooting Wix Automations

If you're having trouble with Wix Automations, it could be an issue with the way your automations are set up. It could also be a local issue such as your internet connection. Follow the relevant troubleshooting steps below to resolve issues with automations.

Automations not functioning as expected

Wix Forms automations

Automated email responses

External factors can prevent an automation from being successfully completed. For example, if you've chosen 'send an email' as your action, it is possible a recipient's email address is invalid, or the email was sent to a spam folder. The recipient won't receive the email even though the automation was set up correctly.

Still not working?

If the problem persists, contact us with a screenshot or video of the issue (if a video, recreate the issue while recording the steps).

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