Wix Automations: Troubleshooting Wix Automations

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If you're having trouble with Wix Automations, it could be an issue with the way your automations are set up. It could also be a local issue such as your internet connection. Follow the relevant troubleshooting steps below to find a resolution.
In this article, learn how to troubleshoot:

Automation is not triggering

Automations don't run retroactively:
An automation only runs for triggers that happen when the automation is active. Learn more about how to avoid missing trigger data and manually adding recipients to an email automation.

Automation is triggering, but automated email isn't sent

Issues with Wix Forms

  • Changing your automation timing resets actions that are "pending" for that automation. For example, John has set up an automation that reminds customers about abandoned carts after 3 hours. Mary abandoned her cart at 12pm. If John edits this automation at 2.30pm, changing the action timing to 2 hours, Mary will not be reminded (the point at which Mary's cart was abandoned for 2 hours has already passed).
  • You can test an automation by submitting a test form. Make sure you are logged out of your Wix account before submitting a form to test an automation. If you are logged in when submitting a form, your email address and the test email address will become merged under the same contact. When one contact has multiple email addresses, emails from automations are sent to the email address used when filling in the form.

Still not working?

If the problem persists, contact us with a screenshot or video of the issue (if a video, recreate the issue while recording the steps).

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