Sending a Video to Wix Customer Care

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Get issues resolved faster by sending us a screen recording of the problem you're experiencing. A screen recorded video can help us understand what the issue looks like from your end, so we can better troubleshoot. 

Record your screen from an incognito (private) browsing window, then upload it to the web and send us the video URL when you contact Wix Customer Care. 

Recommended programs for recording your screen:

  • Screencast: Sign up for a Screencast account, then record your video and send us the URL. 
  • Screencastify: Add the Screencastify extension, then record your video and send us the URL. 
  • QuickTime (for Mac): Record your video in QuickTime, then upload it to a video hosting site, such as YouTube, and send us the URL. Make sure the video is set to public so our Experts can view it. 
To contact Wix Customer Care for support:
Make sure you're logged in to your Wix account from a computer and click here to get started. Choose the most relevant options and your preferred method of contact and we'll have you in touch with the right Expert in a matter of minutes. 

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