Wix Forms: Saving Your Form Data to Your Contacts

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When someone fills out a form on your site, a contact is created in your Contacts List.
Some of the data is automatically saved. Some of the data, you have to manually save. If you want information from a specific field in your form to show in your contacts, you must save it with a field in your Contacts List.

Learn how to:

Saving the Fields from Your Form Manually

You can save the submission data of the fields in your form all at once or per field.

To choose which fields are saved all at once for your entire form:

  1. Click Form Settings.
  2. Click the Contacts tab. 
  3. Click Choose Fields.
  4. For each form field, select a field in your Contact List that you’d like the fields’ submission data be saved in.

To save fields per form field:

  1. Click the field in your form you want to save to your Contacts.
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Click the drop-down under Save Field Data to Contacts.
  1. Select a field to save this data to or click Create Field to add a new field.

Saving a Custom Field to Your Contacts

If you add a field in your Contacts List and want to collect the information from your visitors (such as age or hair color), you need to add the relevant field to your form in order to collect that information. 

To save custom fields to your Contacts from your form:

  1. Click the form in the Editor.
  2. Click Add New Field.
  3. Click Contact Fields and scroll until you find your custom field. 
  4. Select the custom field to add it to your form.
  • Form Fields can only be saved to Contact Fields in a relevant format (For example: email addresses to email fields, text to text fields and numbers to number fields). 
  • Some field data cannot be saved to the Contacts List. All of these fields' data can be seen in the submission tables, Inbox & email notifications. These fields are:
    • Upload file field
    • Signature field
    • Anti Spam field

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