Viewing Your Email Marketing Statistics

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Stay on top of your Email Marketing efforts by keeping track of your campaign statistics. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you'll have the insights you need to craft effective and engaging campaigns in the future.

Accessing your campaign statistics

From the Email Marketing tab in your site's dashboard, you can get a comprehensive view of your delivery, traffic, and device data, allowing you to see exactly how your audience is responding to your campaigns. 

To access your campaign statistics:

  1. Go to Email Marketing in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Check Stats icon on any sent or published campaign.

Understanding your email statistics

The first tab on your statistics page is designed to display your email statistics. This page contains detailed information on your delivery, traffic, and device data, which can give you valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns.

It's important to note that your email statistics update every 3 hours, so you can track the progress of your campaigns and make informed decisions about future efforts.

Delivery statistics

Your delivery statistics data provides valuable information about how your contacts responded to your emails, including the number of emails that were delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, and reported as spam. Below we'll take a closer look at each of these metrics to help you understand your delivery statistics and make informed decisions about your future email marketing efforts.
  • Delivered: The delivered metric refers to the number of emails that were successfully received by your contacts. This is the starting point for all other delivery statistics, as you can only measure how your contacts responded to your emails if they were successfully delivered in the first place. if your Delivered rate is low, you may want to clean up your mailing list to increase deliverability.
  • Opened: The opened metric refers to the number of delivered emails that were opened by your contacts. This information provides insight into the effectiveness of your subject line and the level of interest your email generated.
  • Clicked: The clicked metric refers to the number of recipients who clicked a link within your email. This is an important indicator of how well your call-to-action resonated with your contacts and how well your email was able to drive engagement.
  • Bounced: The bounced metric refers to the number of emails that could not be delivered. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as an invalid email address or a full inbox. It's important to regularly monitor your bounced emails and take steps to address any issues that may be affecting your delivery rates.
  • Spam Complaints: The spam complaints metric refers to the number of recipients who reported your email as spam. This is an important metric to keep an eye on, as high spam complaint rates can negatively impact your deliverability and reputation. It's important to always follow best practices for email marketing, such as obtaining explicit consent from your contacts and including an easy opt-out option, to reduce the risk of your emails being marked as spam.
The Apple iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection update will impact email Opened statistics. Learn more


Your traffic data provides valuable insights into how your email campaigns are driving interactions with your site. By tracking your unique visitors and site sessions, you can better understand the impact of your emails on your audience and make informed decisions about your future email marketing efforts.
  • Unique Visitors: A unique visitor is defined as an email recipient who interacts with your site after viewing your campaign email. It's important to note that while each recipient may visit your site multiple times, they will only be counted as one unique visitor in your traffic data.
  • Site Sessions: A site session starts when an email recipient visits your site after viewing your campaign email and ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. Each time a new session is started, it's counted in your traffic data. This metric provides information about the level of engagement your email campaigns are generating on your website.


If any orders are placed on your site, you'll notice a new Sales section in your statistics, providing the following information.
  • Your Total Orders includes all purchases, such as store orders, bookings, and any other transactions made on your site, regardless of their payment status (unpaid, canceled, refunded, etc.). 
  • Your Total Sales reflects the overall revenue generated from all sales, accounting for both online and manual payments, but before any deductions for refunds, shipping fees, and other charges.

Unique clicks by device

Your "Unique clicks by device" data provides insights into how your email recipients access your site. With this information, you can determine the preferred browsing method of your site visitors, whether it be through a desktop computer or a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. This data can help you optimize your site for your audience and improve their browsing experience. Learn more about creating a mobile friendly site.
Your "Top links clicked" data shows the number of unique clicks each link in your campaign email received. This information can provide insights into the most appealing aspects of your site pages, as well as what your email recipients find most engaging. With this data, you can make informed decisions on how to optimize your email campaigns and keep your audience interested
For more insights and detailed marketing reports, visit Wix Analytics.

Understanding your email recipients

On your Email Recipients tab, you can see the list of contacts your campaign was sent to. You can filter this list by any statistic including two additional filters, Not Opened and Not Sent
To review a filtered list in a spreadsheet, click the Download icon to export a CSV file. You can open the file in programs such as in Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel.

Emails not sent

To protect your sender reputation when sending an email campaign to a new list of contacts, Wix may first send a sample mailing. This means that a portion of your recipients receive the email before it is sent to everyone. If a certain percentage of your sampling emails are bounced or rejected, Wix will stop the campaign. Anyone the campaign was not sent to will be marked as Not Sent

Poor statistics from multiple failed sample mailings can lead to your Wix account being suspended, banned, or other email providers refusing to accept messages from your email address. Learn more about sampling when sending to a new contact list.

Understanding your social statistics

Your Social statistics shows how people engage with your campaign. The data displayed includes total views and clicks on your campaign on social media platforms, clicks on the campaign URL, and any time "View in a browser" was clicked in the email campaign.
Total views and total clicks are non-unique, meaning a person's actions can be counted more than once. 

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