Increasing Email Deliverability of Emails Sent From Your Business Email

Using Wix Email Marketing?
If you need to improve deliverability for your email marketing campaigns sent through your site's dashboard, please see the linked article instead.
Email Deliverability is a way to measure the success at which emails from your business email arrive into your customers' inboxes. You can track the number of people who come to your site after clicking a link in an email they received from you (also known as email traffic).
If the emails you send don't get a good deliverability rate, there are several steps you can take to reach more people. 
Postmaster Tools by Google is a helpful way to track the data on the emails you send and understand metrics like your spam reports, feedback loop, and deliverability. 

Factors that affect your email deliverability

There are many factors that affect your email deliverability, such as your message's design, content and relevance, your IP address reputation, and how often you send emails.
There are a few reasons an email might not reach the intended inbox:
  • Hard bounce: The email address is invalid or does not exist.
  • Soft bounce: There was a technical issue when sending to the address.
  • Spam folder: Email filtered as spam.
  • Blocked: Blocked by an ISP or internet protocol.
A low deliverability rate likely means that your emails are not delivered, or arrive to your users' spam folders. 
How can I improve my email deliverability?
To ensure your emails don't get blocked or marked as spam, try adding SPF and DKIM records to your account.

Add an SPF record to your account

An SPF (sender policy framework) record permits your mail server to send emails on behalf of your domain. This helps to prevent spammers from sending messages with a forged email address whilst claiming to be from your domain.
Using an SPF record demonstrates that you're conscientious about protecting against online threats, which is good for your sender reputation.

Add a DKIM record to your account

A DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) record is an email authentication method. It verifies that your email was sent from a reliable, trustworthy source, and was not modified in transit.  
  • Read more information on resolving your email issues.
  • We recommend using a combination of SPF and DKIM for email authentication, rather than DMARC (another email authentication method), as together they should prove more effective for email authentication at Wix.

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