Business Email: An Overview

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Once you've purchased a Premium plan and a domain, the next step is to get a business email. A business email is made up of a username of your choice followed by your custom domain. For example,, or
A business email has many benefits – it makes your business look more professional, provides a basis for your online presence, and builds trust with customers. It can also help to reinforce brand awareness when using marketing tools like Wix Email Marketing.
Already have a business email?

Custom email addresses for every team member

Provide a personalized business email address for each team or individual team member. For example, for customer queries, or This is a great way to help your customers know they’re communicating with the right person. 
It can also help team members be more productive and confident with its range of support features, including Google Smart Compose, email scheduling, built-in chat options, and real-time collaboration support. 
Scale up your business as you grow, by adding or removing users as needed. Learn how to create additional custom email addresses.

Keep your business safe, secure and supported

As well as phishing and spam protection as standard, your business email is backed up with 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, or phone. These security measures give your employees all the safety and reassurance they need to collaborate effectively on business projects.

Various email delivery options

Organize your growing business by setting up email routing and delivery options for your email accounts:
  • Routing: Use the routing setting to set up inbound, outbound, and internal delivery options, tailoring them for different people and teams.
  • Delivery actions: You can also set up delivery actions, like rejecting, quarantining, or delivering email with modifications. For example, deliver mail from unknown recipients to a catch-all address rather than bounce the messages.
Learn more about email routing and delivery options at Google Workspace Admin Help.

Google Workspace plans at Wix

Wix has partnered with Google to offer Google Workspace plans within your Wix account. There are 3 Workspace plans to choose from, with different types of benefits to suit everyone. This means that all the features you need to succeed in your business are in one centralized platform. 
The Wix Google Workspace plans include access to Google Calendar and at least 30GB of inbox and Google Drive storage. You can also save files in any format online with Google Drive, set up meetings with integrated calendars, and collaborate in real-time on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.


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