Connecting Email Purchased Outside of Wix

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Connect email purchased outside of Wix to your Wix account by adding your email provider's DNS records in your Wix domain settings.
You may need to carry out these steps if you have stopped receiving emails to your custom address.
This can happen if you recently connected an external domain to a Wix site, and part of the DNS records for your business email didn't get transferred.
Without the MX records you can't receive any email to the custom business email associated with your domain.
Before you begin:
Make sure your domain is properly connected via name servers, not via pointing. If your domain is connected via pointing, you must contact your domain host (not Wix) to configure the DNS records of your email provider.

Connection instructions by email provider

Select your email provider from our list of popular email hosts to automatically add most of their MX records. If your provider is not listed, you can get their DNS records and manually add them (outlined in the next section).
  1. Go to Domains in your Wix account.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant domain.
  3. Select Connect an email purchased outside Wix (or Edit MX records).
  4. Select your provider from the drop-down and click Save.
    Note: If your provider isn't listed, select Other and see below for instructions.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions for your provider.
  6. Once you've finished, we recommend you follow up with your email provider to ensure all necessary records have been added. 

Connecting other email providers

If your email provider isn't listed, you need to get their MX records and any other DNS records they require to connect your email. Contact your email provider to receive the necessary records. See below for an email template you can use when contacting them. 
Sample email template to use when contacting your email provider:
"Dear {name of email host (e.g., GoDaddy)}, 

My name is {your name} and I purchased an email account from you for the following domain: {your domain name (e.g.,}. I've built a site on and I'm using their name servers. Please provide me with the required MX records and any other necessary DNS records so that I can forward them to Wix and have my emails redirected back to you."
Connecting your MX records doesn't transfer ownership of your email account to Wix. It simply connects your mailbox so you can continue to send and receive emails at your business email address. You continue to manage your business email billing with your email provider (not Wix). 

Adding your email provider's MX and DNS records

Add your email provider's MX records to connect your business email. For some email providers, you may also have to add other DNS records. If instructed to do so, follow the steps to add additional DNS records. 

To add your provider's MX records:

  1. Go to Domains in your Wix account.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant domain.
  3. Select Connect an email purchased outside Wix / Edit MX records.
  4. Click the Points to field and enter the mail server address of your MX record.
  5. (If you have multiple MX records) Add the additional MX records:
    Note: Enter the record with the lowest Priority value first. The Priority values do not need to match your provider's directions, but they do need to be in the same order.
    1. Click + Add Another.
    2. Click the Points to field and enter the mail server address of the next MX record. 
    3. Repeat the last 2 steps each additional MX record you need to add. 
    4. Click Connect Business Email.

To add DNS records (if required):

  1. Go to Domains in your Wix account.
  2. Click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant domain and select Manage DNS Records.
  3. Scroll to the record type you'd like to add (e.g., CNAME, TXT) and click + Add Record.
  4. Enter the DNS record in the relevant fields.
    Note: If instructed to add an @ sign in the Host Name field, leave the field blank instead.   
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Save Changes in the pop-up message.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 above to add additional DNS records. 
  • It can take up to 48 hours for this process to complete.
  • We are unable to provide support on setting your email address with Outlook. You can find information on Microsoft's support page.