Google Workspace: Setting Up Additional Workspace Users from Wix

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Manage your incoming emails by setting up additional business email addresses for different parts of your company.
If you own a company called Clothes by Wix, for example, and have the domain name, you can create more business emails for the different departments:,,, etc. 
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In order to set up additional Google Workspace business emails you must first purchase additional business emails

Setting up additional business emails

  1. Go to Business Email in your account.
  2. Click Show User Info on the relevant account
  3. Click the More Actions icon   next to the account you want to set up  
  4. Select Set Up User.
  5. Sign in to your Google Workspace account: 
    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Enter your password.
  6. Click Users.
  7. Click Add new user.
  8. Enter the user details and set a password (optional).
  9. Click Add.
What's next?
It can take up to 24 hours for Google Workspace services to be available to the new user. If the user attempts to use a service that's not yet available, they'll see a message that they don't have access to it.


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