Google Workspace: Choosing a Plan

Some Workspace business email plans are not yet available in all regions. 
Purchase a personalized Google Workspace business email from Wix to enhance your professional profile. Wix offers seamless integration with Google Workspace which allows you to manage many Google Workspace applications under your personalized domain name, across different devices.
  • To have a business email, you must own a domain (from Wix or elsewhere) and add it to the Domains section of your account.
  • You can purchase several business emails for each of your domains.

Google Workspace business email plan details

Each plan offers different services and has different amounts of cloud storage per user.  Read about the 3 options below to see what is available and find the one that suits your needs the best. 
Go to the Business Email page in your Wix account to view prices, purchase and manage a business email, or add an email purchased elsewhere.
Click to purchase your Google Workspace business email.
Business Email
Takes 1 minute
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The core benefits are listed in this article. You can see further benefits and learn more about Google Workspace plans offered by Wix. 

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