Wix Automations: Sending an SMS to Customers Using Pre-Installed Automations

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Reach customers on the go and save time manually reminding them about appointments and orders by sending an automated SMS (text) message. Activate a pre-installed automation from your site's dashboard that sends an SMS message to your Wix Bookings or Wix Restaurants customers when they trigger the automation.
For example, if a customer performs the automation trigger 'books a session' they will get an SMS reminder 24 hours before the session begins. The SMS message comes from a generic Wix phone number.
Before you begin:
Wix SMS pre-installed automations are currently only available with Wix Restaurants and Wix Bookings. Learn more in the FAQ section of this article about the specific triggers that are available.
A screenshot of an SMS message with reservation details.

Activating pre-installed SMS automations

From Automations in your site's dashboard you can view all your available pre-installed automations and activate those with the 'Send SMS' action. You can enable or disable an SMS automation at any time by clicking the Inactive/Active toggle.
Once a pre-installed SMS automation is activated, it starts deducting from your SMS quota each time it is triggered. To stop the automation from deducting from your quota, disable the toggle.

To activate a pre-installed SMS automation:

  1. Go to Automations in your site's dashboard
  2. Click the Installed for you tab under Your automations to view the available pre-installed automations. You can identify an SMS automation by the action 'Send an SMS'.
A screenshot of pre-installed automations with Send SMS selected as the action.
  1. To activate an SMS automation, click the More Actions icon  next to the pre-installed automation and click the Inactive toggle to enable it. The Status column for the automation also switches to Active once it is turned on.
A screenshot of the Active automations toggle

Managing your SMS quota

Your monthly SMS quota is determined by:
  • The number of texts included in your site plan.
  • The number of texts included in any standalone SMS plan you've purchased.
Both plans affect your quota. For example, you could have 200 texts included in your site plan and an additional 500 texts included in your SMS plan. You can view the number of texts included in your current plan(s) in Manage Your Quotas in Automations.

To manage your Wix SMS quota:

  1. Go to Automations in your site's dashboard
  2. Click Manage Your Quotas next to Your automations.
  3. View your available SMS quota under SMS sent. Or click Upgrade SMS Plan to view the SMS plans available and select an alternative one.
A screenshot of the manage quotas area of the automations dashboard.
You can also view your quota from Communication Channels in your site's settings.


Here are some common questions about using Wix SMS as a pre-installed automation:

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