Site Members: Using Your Members Area as a Social Tool

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When using the Members Area with other social Wix apps (e.g. Blog, Forum), you unlock a community where members share info, create a profile, chat to others and more. Members can choose whether they want to be involved in your community or keep their activity private.   

Create a community around your site

When you add a social Wix app (e.g. Blog, Forum, Groups), some features are automatically added to your Members Area so people can get to know each other. Each member gets a profile page to introduce themselves, as well as the option to follow other members' activity.
When signing up, members need to select the Join this site's community checkbox to benefit from the social aspect of your site. However, they can change this setting at any time from their My Account page. 
A screenshot of the signup process to a Members Area, with the 'join this site's community' checkbox ticked.

Allow members to introduce themselves

Give your site members their own personal profile, where they can express who they are to your online community. Members can customize their profile to show a description they wrote about themselves, images, videos and more.  
Depending on the apps installed on your site, member profiles can also include things like their recent blog posts, forum comments and more. 
You can manage the information displayed on your members' profiles from your site's dashboard, including the fields that are displayed on the Profile page. 
Can't see the Profile page?
If the Profile page isn't already part of your Members Area, you can add it directly from the Pages panel in your Editor
An example of a site member's profile page

Encourage interaction between your members

If you have Wix Chat installed, you can enable the Members Chat option so members can send instant messages to each other. Once enabled, your members can see private chats as well as create their own group chats, forging a community around your site.
A screenshot of a member starting a new group chat with other site members

Drive traffic to your blog

When adding Wix Blog to your site, several pages are automatically added to your Members Area. These pages allow members to see each other's recent blog posts, comments and likes. This way, members can find like-minded people, interact with them and drive more traffic to your blog. 
An example of a profile of a Wix Blog writer in the Members Area, highlighting the pages that shows a member's blog activity

Grow your forum

The Members Area also works well with Wix Forum. It's the ideal place for forum members to interact and get to know a bit more about others – what they've liked, commented on, or discussed.
These forum features help grow your online community and increase engagement in forum posts and discussions.
An example of a site member's Forum Posts page, showing all their recent posts

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