Site Members: Making a Member Profile Public

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Your site members can choose to keep their member profile private, or make it public:

  • Private profile: Their details are only visible to them; other members cannot see their information. This is for members who just want to track of their own activity on your site.
  • Public profile: Other members can see their information and profile on the Members page, follow their activity and send them messages.

If a member wants to be public, they can opt to join your community when signing up, or change their privacy settings from their My Account page. 
In this article, learn how members can make their profile public:

Joining the community while signing up

When new members sign up to your site, they can select the checkbox to make their profile visible to all other members. 
Once they are part of your community, they can control the details other members see, write their own short bio and personalize their profile's cover photo.
A screenshot of the signup form to your site's Members Area, selecting a checkbox that makes your profile public

Changing privacy settings from the My Account page

From their My Account page, members can control whether their profile is private or public. They'll find this setting under Profile Visibility.
A screenshot of clicking Make Profile Public in your Members Area account settings


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