Wix Groups: An Overview

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Groups is a great platform to build a community for your members with shared interests. Get members talking about your brand, and to each other, using your group's discussion board. As a group owner, you can post announcements and promote exclusive events for members to join.
A screenshot of what your group looks like to members.
Ready to get started?
Add the Groups app and start creating your group.

Create unique groups for your members

Create unique groups for members who share similar interests. Groups makes it easy for you to give your members a place to get the conversation going and encourage them to engage with your business / brand. 
Choose from pre-existing templates or create one from scratch to create your first group.
A screenshot of the Create a Group panel.

Build relationships with potential group members

Create membership questions for people to answer when they request to join your group. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your members before they join. 
A screenshot of the membership question panel.
What's next?
When new members join, you can post on your Groups Feed to welcome them and introduce them to the other members.

Create a community with your Groups Feed

Your Groups Feed lets members easily discover new group content in real-time. Members can also interact with each other and join new groups based on their interests.
A screenshot of the Group Feed.

Promote engagement in your group

Upload a variety of content to generate buzz around a topic by creating and managing posts. For example, you can post business updates and announcements you want members to know about.
A screenshot of a post with interactions.
Organize posts in your group:
Assign feed topics to posts in your group to help your members find what they are looking for. 

Bring group members together with exclusive events

Create exclusive events for your group members to get them excited and bring them together. Showcasing events in your group makes it easy for members to sign up and RSVP.
A screenshot of an event posted in your group.

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