Wix Groups: About Wix Groups

Groups are a great platform to get to know your members and get them talking about your business. Create groups based on common interests where you can post updates, share media, start discussions and much more. 
Example of using Groups:
As a yoga teacher, you can create a group for each of your classes. Regular participants can join the group, where they can get updates about your classes, chat with each other, send photos from the class and more.

Posts on Your Group

You and any of your group members can create posts to start discussions, share ideas and connect with each other. This is the perfect place to post business updates and any announcements you need your members to know about. Style your post and make it interesting with photos, videos, GIFs and files. 
Posting to your group from your mobile device:
You can manage all aspects of setting up your group from the Wix Owner app. Posting to your group and holding discussions must be done on the relevant member app, Spaces by Wix or Fit by Wix.
Organize posts on your discussion board:
Assign feed topics to posts in your group to help your members find what they are looking for. 

Any photo or video posted to your group is displayed in a beautiful media gallery. Go to your group's Media tab and click any file to see it in full size. You can customize the gallery's layout and decide what information to show about each item. 

Your Group's Privacy & Permissions

You have full control of your group's privacy level. Create a public group for everyone to see or make it private, which means members must request to join it. You can also allow members to invite more people to groups and create groups of their own. 

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