Wix Groups: Displaying Events in Your Group

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Create exclusive events for your group members so they can meet up online or in person. You can showcase these events on a separate Events tab on your group page.
Wix Groups works together with Wix Events to allow you to create, manage and promote events to your group members. In this article, we'll show you how to create an event from the Wix Groups app. By doing so, the Wix Events app is automatically added to your site and dashboard. Learn more about Wix Events.

Step 1 | Enable the Events Tab on Your Group Page

Your group page is made up of a few tabs, such as Discussion, About, and Members. You can choose which tabs you want to show from the Content tab in your group's dashboard.
In order to show events on your group page, you'll need to set the Events tab to Visible.

Step 2 | Create Your Event

After enabling the Events tab, click Edit next to the toggle to choose which event/s you want to show.
If you're creating an event for the first time, click Create an Event to get started. If you've already created an event, skip to Step 3 to connect your event.
When you're done creating your event, click Back to Groups from the blue bar at the top of the dashboard.

Step 3 | Connect Your Event to Your Group

Whether you just created your event, or you created it previously, you should now see the Connect Event button.
Click Connect Event and choose which event you want to connect.
You can also choose which events to display on your Groups Page right from your mobile device. Learn How

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