Site Members: Using the Members Area as a Business Tool

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The Members Area is a great tool from a business perspective – it boosts your credibility, enhances customer loyalty and drives traffic. By creating their own account, occasional customers can become engaged members of your site.
When using apps like Wix Stores, Events and Bookings, relevant pages are automatically added to your Members Area so members can efficiently interact with your business. For example, members can see their payment methods, manage previous purchases and more. 

Collect information about your customers

The Members Area offers a lot in terms of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). From the dashboard, you can access a members list that lets you view and manage your members. This includes changing their permissions, assigning roles and much more. 
A screenshot of selecting Site Members in the left panel of the site dashboard.
Additionally, you can use Analytics to keep track of your members' activity and gather information on what they do on your site. This also allows you to understand if certain members need more targeting in a particular area. 
A screenshot of the App Traffic report that site owners use to analyze their members' activity

Grow your Wix Stores customer base

The Members Area with Wix Stores is a great way to keep your customers loyal. The member pages that are automatically added allow members to view their order(s) status, store their addresses and manage credit cards for a faster checkout process. 

This helps your customers to feel in control of their purchases, trust your business and encourages engagement on your site.
Example of a 'My Orders' page in a site's Members Area, letting a member view their recent purchases

Let clients manage their Bookings

When using Wix Bookings, a member page called My Bookings is automatically added to your Members Area. This page lets clients view and manage their bookings or appointments, leading to higher engagement. 
A video showing how a site member manages their existing booking from the Members Area

Help members keep track of their Loyalty points

When you add a Wix Loyalty Program to your site, a new My Rewards page is automatically added to the Members Area. This page shows members their points and rewards, motivating them to perform more actions on your site (e.g. make more purchases or bookings with your business). 
A screenshot of the My Rewards page in the Members Area, where members see their loyalty points and rewards

Send exclusive members-only email Campaigns

If you find that certain members would benefit from specific targeting, you can send an email campaign. This is a great way to reignite their interest in a particular aspect of your site. For example, you can showcase the latest activity in your store, upcoming events and more.
An example of an email campaign sent only to site members, with exclusive deals
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