Wix Bookings: About the "My Bookings" Page

Wix Bookings integrates with the Members Area to provide a great booking experience for your clients. 

Logging in to the My Bookings Page

Clients can sign up and log in to your site from the Login Bar.

Using the My Bookings page

Once logged in, they can access their personal "My Bookings" page. Each client only sees their own details.  
In the My Bookings page, clients can:
  • Quickly re-book a new session without re-entering their details
  • Cancel an upcoming booking
  • Reschedule an upcoming booking (if the service is not part of a membership plan)
  • Check the time, location, and payment details of a past or upcoming booking

Adding a Members Area

If you don't already have a Members Area, you can add it from the Add Panel:
You can also:
  • Create a custom signup form for your Members Area. Learn How 
  • Customize the different parts of your Members Area. Learn How

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