Other Pages on Your Site Ranking Higher Than Your Homepage in Search Results

If your homepage is not the first page from your site appearing in search results, there are a few things you can try to get your homepage ranking higher. 
The best way to understand how Google crawls and indexes your pages is by connecting Google Search Console to your site.
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Checking if search engines can index your homepage

If other pages on your site are ranking higher in search results, search engines may not be able to index your homepage
Make sure that you've chosen to let search engines index it in the SEO Basics tab in your site's Editor.

To let search engines index your homepage:

  1. Go to your homepage's SEO settings:
    • Wix Editor:
      • Click the Pages icon  on the left side of the Editor.
      • Click the More Actions icon  next to your homepage.
      • Click SEO Basics.
    • Editor X:
      • Click the Pages icon  in the top bar.
      • Click the More Actions icon  next to your homepage.
      • Click SEO Basics.
  2. Enable the Let search engines index this page toggle if it is disabled.
Enabling search engines to index your homepage
Search engines will detect the change to your page the next time that they crawl and index it. If you want to try to speed up this process, you can submit the page's URL to search engines.

Keeping your homepage up to date

It's important to regularly add fresh content to your homepage. Search engines like Google rank pages that are regularly updated with high-quality content higher in search results. 
Make sure to update your homepage regularly with changes in your business, new projects you’re working on, and new products or services that your customers can buy.

Using keywords on your homepage

If another page on your site is ranking higher than your homepage, users on Google may be searching for keywords or search phrases that relate to the content on that page. Identify the main keywords in that page's content and try adding them to your homepage.
There may be some situations where it's normal for another page to rank higher than your homepage for certain keywords. For example, you might have a blog post about a topic that a lot of users search for. 
In this case, it's likely that the popular blog post will always rank higher than your homepage for a given keyword or search phrase.

Backlinks (also known as incoming links, inbound links, or inward links) are links on other sites that direct users to your site. 
Backlinks are an important aspect of your site's ranking in search results. The more backlinks you have from quality sites, the better your site appears to search engines like Google.
If another page on your site is ranking higher than your homepage, it's possible that other sites link to that page instead of your homepage. Consider moving some of the page's content to your homepage to encourage sites to link to your homepage instead. 

The internal links you create on your site from one page to another page can also influence your search ranking. 
If a page on your site ranks higher than your homepage, try adding an internal link on that page to your homepage. A good way to do this is by adding a linked button.

Learn how to add a linked button in:

It's also a good idea to be consistent with your internal links. Make sure to use the same format every time you add an internal link.
For example, if your homepage URL is "https://www.mystunningwebsite.com" and you use this as an internal link on one page, make sure to use the same URL every time you add an internal link.
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