Information on Switching from the Previous Wix Blog to the New Wix Blog

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Switch from old wix blog to new wix blog using our 2-step import tool.

Step 1: Copy Your Blog Posts

You can migrate all your posts automatically by clicking the Copy Posts button. 
After copying your posts, your site will have two blogs:
  • Old blog: Your existing blog still appears on your live site. It is unchanged.
  • New blog: Your site has a new "Blog" page. This page is not yet visible on your live site. It will appear only after you publish.
Now you can check out your new blog and edit the design to get it just the way you like (or edit it later). If you are happy with the new blog, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Update the URLs of Your Blog Posts

After you update your URLs (provided the new blog is published), visitors accessing old blog post URLs will be redirected to the same post in your new blog.
  1. Select the new blog in the Editor and click Settings.
  2. Click Update URLs
  1. Click Got it.
    Note: The new blog won't be visible and posts won't redirect until you publish your site.

Deleting your Old Blog

Your site now has both the new and the old blog. To complete the transfer process, delete the old blog and publish your changes. 
Before you delete your old blog:
Is your old blog your homepage? If so, first make another site page your homepage. The homepage can't be deleted.

Not sure? To check if your old blog page is your homepage, click Menus & Pages on the left side of the Editor, and look at the icon.

  • : If the old blog page has a house icon, the old blog is your homepage.
  • : If the old blog page has a "B" icon, the old blog page is not your homepage. 
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You should now have one blog on your live site - your new blog. To start customizing it, you can:
  • If you had blog widgets on other site pages, you may have blank spaces. Make sure to shift elements to close the gaps.
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  • Add a Custom Feed Learn More
  • Add a "Recent Posts" element Learn More

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