Wix Blog: Adding a "Recent Posts" Element to Your Blog

2 min read
Ensure your readers never miss a post! Adding a "Recent Post" element to your blog is a great way to let your readers know what you've been posting! 
Editor X:
You can create a Custom Feed and a Recent Posts element in Editor X by using the CMS (Content Management System) and Pro Gallery. Learn how

To add and set up a recent posts element:

  1. Go to the page you want the feed to appear on.
  2. Click the Add icon  on the left side of your Editor. 
  3. Click Blog.
  4. Click Recent Posts
  5. Choose a Recent Posts element.
  6. Drag it to position it on the page.
  7. Click Settings.
  8. Click the Display tab and select which elements you want to show.
  9. Click the Design tab to customize any of the colors, fonts, borders or backgrounds.
  • To hide the Recent Posts element, go to the Post Page display settings. Learn More
  • If you added a cover image and set it to display on feeds, it appears in your Recent Posts Feed.