Fit by Wix App: An Overview

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Your clients can use the Fit by Wix to interact with your fitness business on the go. 

They can view your schedule and book your services, connect with you and other members of your fitness community, take part in online programs, and purchase your branded products. 
  • The Fit by Wix app is for your clients to interact with your business. You (the site owner) can manage and customize all aspects of the Fit by Wix app using the Wix Owner app.  
  • Wix member apps, like Fit by Wix, are free to use and download from the relevant app stores. You do not need a Premium plan to access them.
A screenshot showing the Fit by Wix app on mobile.
Tell your clients how to download the Fit by Wix app:
Search for Fit by Wix in the App Store or Google Play, or use the links below:

Customize your site to suit your business

From the Wix Owner app, you can customize how your site and business appears on the Fit by Wix app. Customize every screen on the app including re-ordering and renaming the site tabs, adding new elements to the pages, and more.
A screenshot showing the customization options on the Fit by Wix app.

Improve customer loyalty with pricing plans

The Fit by Wix app lets you offer different pricing plans and membership options to suit your members' needs and budgets. Create your plans from your Wix Owner app.
A screenshot showing pricing plans on the Fit by Wix app.

Increase engagement by offering online programs

Improve engagement with and among your members by offering online programs.

Challenge your clients by creating programs such as:
  • Running a 10k within a month
  • Daily meditation goals
  • Strength and conditioning challenges
A screenshot showing a list of online programs on the Fit by Wix app.

Build your brand by selling merchandise

Provide your clients with the gear they need to train at their best. From foam rollers to yoga mats to weight belts, you can create an online store on the Fit by Wix app to sell your products to your members.
A screenshot showing the online store on the Fit by Wix app.
Create branded merchandise with your logo to let your products promote your business while giving your clients a sense of community. If you don't have a logo, you can create one using the Wix Logo Maker.

Create an online community with groups

With Fit by Wix, you can create groups just for your members. Your members can invite friends, create posts, share photos and more. They are a great way to get your clients interacting with each other, asking questions and sharing content. 

A few examples of community groups are:
  • A Healthy Eater's group with recipes, pictures and advice on nutrition.
  • A New Momma's group for members to share tips and arrange playdates.
  • A Feedback and Questions group for members to interact with you and each other.
A screenshot showing a list of groups on the Fit by Wix app.

Start conversations using blog posts

Using the Fit by Wix app, you can engage with your members by featuring interesting and useful blog content. Share advice on training, technique, nutrition, mindfulness - whatever area you want to cover, you can include it in your blog posts.
A screenshot of a blog post on the Fit by Wix app.

Keep members engaged with a performance tracker

Add the performance tracker to your site on Fit by Wix to help your members track their weekly progress each time they log in. This daily activity tracker lets your members view how many steps they take, or calories they burn each day.
A screenshot showing the performance tracker on the Fit by Wix app
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