Creating a New Wix Analytics Report

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Create new Wix Analytics Reports to answer specific questions that weren’t addressed in your Revenue, Traffic, Behavior, and People reports.

In this article we’ll guide you through creating a new report, and help to explain useful concepts such as report tiles, analytics tables, and choosing Measures and Dimensions.
To create a new report or duplicate and edit a report, you must upgrade your Wix site to the Business VIP Premium Plan.

Step 1 | Create a New Report

  1. Go to the Analytics & Reports page on your Wix account.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click Create a Report.
4.  Add your report title and a description.
5.  Click Create Your Report.

Step 2 | Add a Tile to Your Report

A tile is a visualization of your data. To create a tile you’ll need to choose a topic (Explore), the data you are interested in (Measures and Dimensions), and how you want to display your data (Visualization).
  1. Click Edit Dashboard.
A screenshot of the empty dashboard view.
  1. Click Add and select Visualization.

Step 3 | Choose an Explore

Each Explore focuses on different elements of your data. The Explore is considered the topic of your tile. 
  • Choose an Explore from the list.

Step 4 | Choose Measures and Dimensions

Measures and Dimensions include all of the metrics you can include in your reports. You can choose:
  • Single measures. This is ideal to present a single value chart, such as total value, number of customers, or number of orders.
  • Measure + Dimension. This is useful when you want to add a line chart with an x and y axis, bar chart, or pie chart.
  • Multiple dimensions + multiple measures. This is useful when you want to add a table tile.
Once you've chosen your Measures and Dimensions, name your Tile in the Edit Tile window.

Step 5 | Run Your Report

  • Click Run.
Your results will be loaded in the data pane.

Step 6 | Choose How To View Your Report

You can choose to see your data in a table, bar chart, columns, scatterplot, line, area, pie chart, map, or single value.
  • Click your preferred visualization icon, and your data will be displayed accordingly.

Step 7 | Save Your Changes

  1. Click Save, and the tile will be added to your report.
2.  (Optional) To resize a tile after saving, click the lower right corner of the tile and drag to adjust.
3.  Click Save to create your report.

Once saved, your report will be available in your Custom Reports list.

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