Duplicating and Editing a Wix Analytics Report

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You can duplicate and edit an existing Wix Analytics Report to create tailored reports for your business needs.
To create a new report or duplicate and edit a report, you must upgrade your Wix site to the Business VIP Premium Plan.

Step 1 | Duplicate a Report

When a report is duplicated, only the current view (table, chart, map) is copied over into the new version. The duplicate report will not include other views. You can customize the duplicate report through the report builder Interface.

To duplicate a report:
  1. Go to the Analytics & Reports page in your Wix site dashboard.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click the title of the report you wish to duplicate.
  4. Click Duplicate.
  1. Click Start Now on the pop up window.
  2. Add your report title and a description which any collaborator you’re working with may find useful, and click Save.
After duplicating and saving a report, you’ll be able to access it through your Reports page.

Step 2 | Edit Dashboard

  1. Click the More icon more.
  2. Select Edit Dashboard from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 | Edit an Existing Tile

A tile is a visualization of your data which answers a specific question - For example, “Where are my customers located?”. 

To edit an existing tile you’ll need to edit the data it holds (Measures and Dimensions). You can also edit the way your data is displayed by changing the visualization type.
When you edit an existing tile you should take into account that you cannot change the tile Explore. This means that your tile topic cannot be changed, and can only contain data of the same topic (Sales, Item Sales, Traffic, or People).
To edit an existing tile:
  1. Click the More icon .
  2. Click Edit.
  1. Change the Tile data by selecting and deselecting Dimensions and Measures.

Step 4 | Run Your Report

  1. Click Run.
Your results will be loaded in the data pane.

Step 5 | Choose How To View Your Report

You can choose to see your data in a table, bar chart, columns, scatterplot, line, area, pie chart, map, or single value.
  1. Click your preferred visualization icon, and your data will be displayed accordingly.

Step 6 | Save Your Updated Tile

  1. Click Save, and the tile will be updated.

Step 7 | Add Additional Tiles (optional)

You can add additional tiles to enrich your reports. Your new tiles can have different subjects such as sales, items sales, traffic or people. Learn more

Step 8 | Save Your Updated Report

To save your report:
  1. Click Save

Creating new reports from scratch
To create a report, visit Creating a New Wix Analytics Report.

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