CMS (Formerly Content Manager): Troubleshooting Dynamic Pages Issues

3 min read
With dynamic pages, you can display different items without modifying your page design, like recipes, real-estate listings, events and more. Depending on the dynamic page type you created, your content collection permissions and other factors, you might experience an issue.

Unable to navigate through your content

After publishing your site, you want to make sure the content shows properly and you can navigate successfully through it. For example, if you have a recipes page, you want to make sure that clicking on different meals doesn't always redirect you to the first item in your collection.

Check that your dynamic item page URL is unique

When working with dynamic item page, the URL is based on a field of an item in your collection. If within that field you have 2 or more items with the same content, the URL for those 2 different items is the same and the content cannot properly be displayed. Check the field you have in your dynamic page URL and make sure you don't have duplicated content within that field. 

Live site isn't working properly

If your page and content is displayed properly in Preview mode but not on your live site, make sure:

You can learn more about the optional Sandbox here.

Unable to access live dynamic pages

Visitors may receive a 403 or 404 error message when they navigate to your dynamic pages. This happens when visitors don't have the right to access the page or when the page cannot be found. 

403 Forbidden error message

A 403 error occurs when a visitor does not have permissions to access the page. This can happen when the visitor does not have sufficient permissions to access the content collection connected to the dynamic page he is trying to access. Edit the permissions to allow the visitor to access the page.

404 Page Not Found error message

A 404 error occurs when a visitor navigates to a page that cannot be found. This could be because the optional sandbox collection has not been synced with the live content. Therefore, the item(s) that should be displayed in the dynamic page do not exist in the live collection. To resolve this issue, sync your sandbox content with your live content. You can learn more about the optional Sandbox here.
If the visitor is reaching the page using a static link and the item(s) from the link has been deleted, remove the broken link or add the deleted item(s) back to your collection.