CMS: Converting a Dynamic Page to a Regular Static Page

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Convert a dynamic page to a regular static page if you no longer need the page elements to connect to your CMS (Content Management System). When you convert the page, every connection between the page elements and your CMS collection is deleted. The previously dynamic page elements become static, allowing you to click to edit their content. 

After converting to static, you can convert the page back to a dynamic page. However, you'll need to reconnect each element manually after converting back to a dynamic page. 

To convert a dynamic page to a regular page:

Wix Editor
Editor X
Studio Editor
  1. Go to your editor.
  2. Click Pages and Menu  on the left side of the Wix Editor.
  3. Click Dynamic Pages
  4. Hover over the relevant dynamic page and click the More Actions icon undefined.
  5. Click Remove connections.
  1. Click Remove to confirm.

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