CMS: Static vs Dynamic Links

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You can link elements on your site such as buttons and images to static or dynamic destinations. Static links always remain the same, while dynamic links change based on criteria such as which CMS (Content Management System) collection item is displayed on your page. 

Static links maintain the same connection between the element and the link destination. In your editor, you can click the Link icon  on an element to open the static link panel. There you can decide where you want the link to take your site visitors. This is the default link type in the editors when linking elements to other pages, external URLs, email addresses, and more.
A screenshot of the static linking options in the Wix Editor.

Unlike static links, dynamic links change based on the destination retrieved by the element's connected dataset. For example, in a repeater on a dynamic list page, you could link a button to navigate to the dynamic item page. When visitors click the button, they go to the item's dedicated dynamic item page.  
A screenshot of linking a button to a dynamic item page.

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