Business Phone Number: Getting Started

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Separate work and personal life by getting a dedicated phone number for your business. Call and text your contacts from the Wix mobile app, and decide when your line should be available for incoming business calls. Your number also comes with a customizable voicemail to make sure you never miss a lead. 
Business Phone Number is only available to Wix users from the U.S. and Canada.

Learn more about:

Purchasing a Business Phone Number

You can purchase a business number directly from your site's dashboard. Select from a wide range of toll-free and local numbers in the U.S. and Canada. Then, choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan that meets your needs in terms of calls and texts. Learn How

Creating a Personalized Voicemail

Your business phone number comes with a voicemail inbox so callers can leave a message when you're not available. By default, you get a built-in greeting that you can customize to make it speak your brand's tone and voice. Upload a recording of your own, write a message read by a computer-generated voice or record a voicemail greeting on the spot with the Wix Owner app. Learn How
  • Let your callers know they've reached the right place by mentioning your business name and info in the voicemail greeting.
  • Enable email notifications so voicemail transcripts are sent directly to your email address. Learn More

Setting Your Call Hours & 'Do Not Disturb' Mode

With Business Phone Number, you have full control of your line's call hours. Set the specific days and times when your number should be available to take calls, or set it to be available 24/7. If needed, you can also switch to the Do Not Disturb mode and make your number temporarily unavailable. Learn More

Receiving Incoming Calls & Texts

Incoming calls reach the phone number that you connected when purchasing your business number. You choose whether to have your phone display your caller's number or your business number. If you choose your business number, you can save it on your phone under a recognizable name (e.g. "Business Line") so you instantly recognize incoming business calls.

When your business number receives a call, your phone will also display a Wix Owner app notification showing the phone number of the incoming call.

Incoming text messages reach Wix Inbox, so you can easily manage the correspondence and follow up. You can see and respond to texts from both the Wix Owner app and your site's dashboard.  

Sending SMS & Picture Messages

You can use SMS text and picture messages to communicate with your contacts. Incoming text messages are displayed in Wix Inbox, and you can reply on the go with the Wix Owner App, or on desktop.
If you're in the US, you may be prompted to submit information about your business before you send an SMS message. Mobile carriers require this information to help prevent spam.
Using SMS messages to communicate with your contacts means that you have to obey sets of strict rules. Ensure that you are familiarized with them and comply with the requirements of the applicable laws.

Making Outbound Calls

Using the Wix Owner app, you can make business calls to contacts in the U.S. and Canada. Access the conversation with the relevant contact and tap the Call icon  to call them. Your contact will then receive a call from your business number.   
In order for Wix to verify the call is coming from your phone:
  • Enable the Caller ID feature on your personal device. 
  • If you cannot enable the Caller ID from your device, you will need to contact your wireless provider for assistance.

Managing Communication from Wix Inbox

You can conveniently manage communication with your contacts using Wix Inbox, whether it's on desktop or the Wix Owner app. Your new contacts, calls and messages are automatically saved and synced so you can switch between platforms whenever needed. From here, you can see your incoming and outgoing call logs, send texts and manage your voicemail.

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