Business Phone Number: Getting a Phone Number

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Get a dedicated phone number for your business to connect with your customers in the U.S. and Canada. Select from a range of local and toll-free numbers, then link the new number to your phone and the Wix Owner app. 
You do not need an additional subscription (such as a Premium Plan) to get a Business Phone Number. 

Step 1 | Purchase a Business Phone Number

Enter your city or area code to choose from a variety of local and toll-free phone numbers. Then, select a subscription plan and link the chosen number to the number that should receive these business calls (usually, it would be your personal number). 
Toll-free numbers are temporarily unavailable. Currently, only local numbers can be purchased.

Step 2 | Complete Setup from the Wix Owner App

After purchasing a business number, finish setting it up from the Wix Owner app. In this process, we add the new number to your device's contact list so business calls are properly displayed. You can save it under the default name ("Wix Business Line"), or change it later to a different name that suits your needs. 

Step 3 | Customize Your Business Number Settings

Now that you've connected your business number to the Owner app, customize its settings to meet your needs. Set up a voicemail with your own recorded message, choose how to display incoming business calls and set your call hours in advance.
What's next?
After you've purchased your number and customized its settings, you're all set to receive business calls:
  • Incoming calls are automatically redirected to the number you've connected.
  • Use the Wix Owner app to call and text your contacts from your business number. 
  • Manage communication and call logs from Wix Inbox on mobile or desktop. 

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