Assigning an Unassigned Premium Plan to Your Site

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Although Premium plans are generally assigned to a site, it is possible to manually unassign one. You can then reassign the plan to a different site in your account. 
  • Unassigning a Premium plan removes all premium features (e.g. connecting a domain, removing Wix ads) from the original site. When reassigning the plan these features are reinstated on the new site. 
  • All Premium apps connected to the site transfer automatically with the site. However, data associated with older site (e.g. analytics you may have gathered in an app) does not transfer.
  • If you connected a site with Wix Stores, all products, collections and settings are transferred to the new account.
    Note: Digital products which you may have displayed for sale are transferred, but the digital files themselves need to be uploaded after the transfer (e.g. MP3 files for sale on your site).

To assign an unassigned Premium plan:

  1. Go to Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account.
  2. Select the plan that is currently not assigned to any site. 
  3. Click Assign to a Site.
  4. Select the site to which you are assigning the Premium Plan.
  5. Click Assign.

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