Adding Structured Data Markup to Your Site's Pages

Structured data markup is a standardized format for giving search engines detailed information about your page. Adding markup to your site's pages can help improve your website's search results and ranking. Search engines like Google can also use markup to create rich results like article previews, product previews, and FAQs for your page's search results.
Adding structured data markup to your site's pages does not guarantee that search engines will create rich results for them. 

Learn how to:

Step 1 | Create Your Markup

To get started with creating markup for your site's pages, you can try using a tool like this markup generator tool. Select a markup type from the dropdown menu and customize it for your content.
Alternatively, you can get markup models from and customize them for your page's content. These markup models are known as "types" and correspond to different types of content like articles, products, and FAQs. Each type has its own specific set of properties. For example, an "Article" type markup includes properties for the author, publishing date, and publisher.
After you've created your markup, you can then check if it's eligible for rich results using the Google Rich Result Tests tool. Below is an example of a Rich Results Test of the markup for a course on a Wix site.
Some of your site's pages like Wix Stores product pages already come with preset markup when you create them. You can customize the markup for these pages in your site's SEO Settings. Learn more about your site's SEO Settings
  • Wix only accepts structured data using JSON-LD markups. 
  • Structured Data must be less than 7,000 characters to be added.
  • Google guidelines require the information in the markup to be part of your page. If some of the information included in your markup doesn't appear in the page, it might not show as a rich result. Learn More

Step 2 | Add Your Markup to Your Pages

After you've created your markup, go to your site's editor to add it to your pages. 

To add your markup:

  1. Go to your page's SEO Settings:
2.  Click the Advanced SEO tab. 
3.  Click Structured Data Markup
4.  Click +Add New Markup.
5.  Add your new markup under Write your markup in JSON-LD format.
6.  Click Apply.
  • You can add up to five markups per page. 
  • After you've added your markup, click the Show More icon  to edit, test, or delete it.

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