Wix Bookings: Adding Staff Permissions

3 min read
You can allow staff members to manage their own clients and sessions in the Wix calendar by assigning them the role of Bookings Staff Member. With this role, staff members can:  
  • Manage their own appointments, classes and courses (e.g. edit session details, mark attendance, add participants or mark a session as "paid")
  • Email all participants in any of their sessions
  • Block their own time on the calendar
  • Access the Agenda tab in the Wix mobile app
In this article, learn more about:

Assign the role of Bookings Staff Member

Allow your staff to manage their own bookings by making them Bookings staff members on your site. This frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business and affords your employees more freedom. 

To assign the role of Bookings staff member:

  1. Make sure you add the relevant person as a staff member.
  2. Go to Staff in your site's dashboard. 
  3. Click Give Calendar Access under the relevant staff member. 
  4. Click Send Invite
  5. (Optional) Click Invite next to Sync personal calendar in the Staff tab. This sends a second email to allow your new Bookings staff member to sync their personal calendar. 

Accepting role invites

Encourage your staff to manage their own clients and sessions by explaining how to become a Bookings staff member. This saves you time in future and allows them to manage their own schedule. 

To accept a Bookings staff member role invite:

  1. Your staff member clicks Accept Invite in the email they receive.
  2. They sign in to their existing Wix account or register a new Wix account if required.
  3. They click the More Actions drop-down in the Booking Calendar.
  4. They click Sync personal calendar.
  1. They click Sync next to the relevant personal calendar.
  2. They select the relevant account to sync with their Wix Bookings calendar.
  3. They click Allow to grant the necessary permissions.