Wix Bookings: Adding Staff Members

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In Wix Bookings, you can add multiple staff members and assign different services to each one. Setting a staff member's hours allows your clients to clearly see when they can book appointments on a given day. You can also give your staff members permission to manage their own sessions on your site. 
We are in the process of releasing a new version of the Booking Calendar, so it's not available to everyone yet. Your version may appear slightly different.
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Adding a staff member

Add new staff members and customize their profiles with information such as a profile photo, contact details, and working hours. This helps provide visitors with more information about your staff on your site.

To add a staff member:

  1. Go to Staff in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Add Staff.
  3. Add the staff member's Basic details
    • Full name: Enter the staff member's name. 
    • Description: (Optional) Let clients know more about the staff member's role.
    • Profile photo: (Optional) Click the Add Image icon  under Profile photo and select an image or click + Upload Media to upload a new one. Then click Add to Page.
    • Email: (Optional) Enter the staff member's email address.
    • Phone: (Optional) Enter the staff member's phone number. 
  4. (Optional) Click Add Working Hours to customize the staff member's working hours
  5. Click Save
If you added the Staff Widget to your site, visitors will see your staff members' working hours in the widget.


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