Wix Bookings: About Bookings Staff Members

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Add your staff to your site so they can provide services to clients and help manage your business. You can control each staff member's level of access to your site and business information.
The staff tab in the dashboard, showing staff members' details

Managing staff hours

Staff hours determine when a staff member is available to provide appointments. To manage your business hours, Wix Bookings offers a two-level system. 
First, set your default work hours which apply to all staff. Then you can set individual staff members' hours to offer a more flexible service to clients.
A screenshot showing the various working hours for a single staff member during one week.

Inviting staff members to sync their Google calendars

To help staff members keep track of their schedule, you can invite them to sync their personal calendars with their Wix Bookings calendar. This helps prevent double bookings and allows staff to see their complete upcoming schedule in one place. 
Make sure you assign the relevant permission level, so your staff member can sync their personal calendar (see section below).
A screenshot showing how to give a staff member the necessary permissions before they can sync their personal calendar.

Assigning permission levels

Wix Bookings allows you to assign different levels of permissions to your staff and others who help build and manage your site.
For example, adding someone as a Bookings staff member gives them permission to book their own clients, access their personal calendar and manage their sessions. 
You may also want to invite non-staff members to contribute on your site. For example, if you hire a graphic designer or a copywriter to make changes to your site. 
A screenshot showing the permissions a Bookings Admin has on your site.

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