Accessibility: Using the Accessibility Wizard

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Identify and fix accessibility issues on your Wix site using the Accessibility Wizard. This is a tool that can help you ensure that every visitor, regardless of ability, can view and navigate your site.
There are 2 sections in the Wizard that you are prompted to complete. We recommend following and completing all of the sections to improve and optimize your site's accessibility. 
While Wix is always striving to improve our products and services, we cannot guarantee that your site will be compliant with your region's accessibility laws and regulations. We recommend consulting an accessibility expert to ensure that your site is meeting the standards for your region.

Step 1 | Open the Accessibility Wizard

Open the Wizard from your Editor settings to begin making your site more accessible for visitors.
The Settings panel on the top of the Editor. The cursor is hovering over the Accessibility Wizard option

To open the Accessibility Wizard:

  1. Select Settings at the top of the Editor.
  2. Select Accessibility Wizard.
  3. Select Scan My Site on the right.

Step 2 | Fix detected issues

After your site has been scanned, you are presented with a list of detected issues. Select each issue to open the instructions, and make sure that you apply the changes when you have fixed them.
Once you're finished, select Continue to Step 2.
Step 1 in the Wizard. The cursor is hovering over an issue with the main heading of the About page
Select an option below to learn more about the issues that can be detected.
You need to resolve all of the detected issues to progress to the next step in the Wizard. 

Step 3 | Find and fix issues

Next, the Find and Fix Issues step highlights more settings on your site that may need to be adjusted for accessibility. This section is not automatic, and the components need to be manually adjusted.
Step 2 in the Wizard. The cursor is hovering over an issue with Link Text in All Pages
Select an option below to learn more about the settings you can adjust in this step.
Mark each step as done once you've finished making the adjustments.
Want to make your site even more accessible?
Use the advanced settings in the Wizard to keep improving your site's accessibility. Learn more about the Wizard's advanced settings

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