Accessibility: About Zoomed Content

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Your site visitors may be using a zoom tool (usually on their browser) in order to magnify contents or elements that are too small or unclear for them to see when the browser view is at 100%. 

Making sure that your site is visible in zoom is an important aspect of your accessibility, as it means visitors with visual impairments can view your site's content. 
All of your site's content should be clear, visible, and legible at 200% zoom.

Checking your site's zoom

We recommend checking your site's zoom to ensure that all of your content is clear and visible at 200%. You can do this from your browser settings.
If you are using the Accessibility Wizard to improve your site's accessibility, you can check your site using the steps above, and then mark it as "Done" in the Wizard. 

Resolving zoom issues

When checking zoomed content on your site, there are things you should keep an eye out for that may affect your site's accessibility. These issues should be rectified in order to keep your site as accessible as possible.

Pinned elements

Pinned elements are always visible on your live site, even when visitors scroll down your site. Commonly pinned elements include menus and buttons.

If you have pinned elements to both the left and right of the screen, you may notice that they overlap when you zoom in. Large pinned elements may also block out other content on your site. 

You can change where an element is pinned to prevent overlap or blocking content, or resize the element to make it smaller.

Elements outside the gridlines

The Wix Editor has gridlines to help you keep all your content visible on different screen sizes. 

Elements that fall outside of the gridlines may not be visible on smaller screens, or when a visitor zooms in. If your content is getting cut off when you use the zoom tool, we recommend moving it within the gridlines.

You can see an example of this in the screenshots below. The first image shows the elements within the gridlines (the vertical dotted lines). In the second image, however, the text is outside the gridlines, which means it may not be visible on the live site.

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