About the Wix Hotels Checkout Process

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The Wix Hotels checkout process makes it easy for your customers to reserve a room, fill out their information, and input their payment details. You can personalize the experience to speak to your brand by updating the text on some pages, as well as by sending a customized confirmation email once the reservation is made.
To prevent double bookings, once a customer views a room's details for their preferred dates of stay, that room is automatically reserved for those dates for a period of 15 minutes. Once the 15 minute session times out, the slot becomes available again.
During the checkout process your guests will go through the following pages:

Guest Details Page

Once a customer selects a room and dates of stay, they are brought to the Guest Details page. Here they fill out required personal information including the guest name, email, phone number, and country. They also have the option of adding any requirements during their stay in the Special Requests field.

In the Order Summary a customer can view a complete price breakdown including tax and any extra charges, as well as input any coupon codes. If your hotel has a reservation or cancellation policy document, it is visible as a link beneath the special requests. Learn more.

Once a customer finishes filling out their details, they click Continue to Check Out.

Payment Info Page

The Payment Info page is set up according to the methods you've selected in your payment settings. Once a customer chooses a preferred payment method, a pop-up collects their details.

Note: If you've selected Offline Payment as a method (meaning guests can pay upon arrival) the customer can book a room without inputting their payment details.

Confirmation Page

Once the payment method is complete, the customer is directed to the Confirmation page. This page provides the full details of the hotel reservation including dates of stay, the price breakdown, as well as a reservation number for the guest's reference. A confirmation email is also sent to the customer which you can customize. Learn more.

Additionally, a reservation notification email is sent to the email address you specified in your hotel's property settings page.
You can edit some text on both the Guest Details page and the Confirmation page to make the checkout process more personal and speak to your business. Learn more

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