Creating Coupons in Wix Hotels

Treat your guests by offering discount coupons for your hotel.

To create a coupon:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Click the Hotels tab.
  3. Click the Price Options tab.
  4. Click Coupons.
  5. Click Create New.
  6. Enter a name for your coupon in the Name your coupon field.
  7. Click the Set coupon type drop-down menu and select a type:
    • Payment Discount: Amount based discount (e.g. $10)
    • % Discount: Percentage based discount (e.g. 10%)
  8. Enter the discount amount or percentage.
  9. Click the Valid from field and select the start date of the coupon.
  10. Click the Valid to field and select the end date of the coupon.
  11. (Optional) Enter the coupon limit in the Limit number of coupons to field.
  12. Enter the code that you want your customers to use in the Coupon Code field.
  13. Click Save.

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