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Your site's dashboard is your command center for managing your site and online business. From here you can access your site's Editor, manage your contacts, set up payment methods, and perform various other tasks that are crucial to your site's success. Staying connected to your dashboard helps you stay in control of your site and business from one easy-to-access location. 
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In this article, learn how to access your site's dashboard:

Accessing your site's dashboard when signing in

When you sign in to your Wix account, you are either directed to your site's dashboard or the My Sites page, depending on the number of sites you have. If you only have one site, you'll be taken directly to its dashboard. If you have multiple sites, you're directed to the My Sites page, where you can access the dashboards of all your sites and easily switch between them.

To access your site's dashboard when signing in:

  1. Sign in to your Wix account.
  2. Hover over the site you want to access and click Select Site.

Accessing your dashboard while editing your site

Certain updates to your site can only be made from your site's dashboard. For example, changing your regional settings or business information. You can access your site's dashboard directly from within the Editor or Editor X, allowing you to make updates without leaving your editing environment.
Wix Editor
Editor X
  1. Hover over the Wix logo on the top left of the Editor.
  2. Click Go to Dashboard.
You can also access your dashboard in the classic Editor by clicking Site in the top bar, then clicking My Dashboard.

Accessing your site's dashboard from another site

You may have multiple sites in your Wix account. Each site in your Wix account has its own dedicated dashboard. You can easily switch from one site's dashboard to another.

To access your site's dashboard from another site:

  1. Click the name of the current site you're working on at the top left of the dashboard. 
  2. Click the site you want to access.


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