Troubleshooting: Unable to Find a Site in Your Account

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There are a few reasons why you may be unable to find your site in your account. It may be that you used a different email address when first signing up, or that you have more than 1 account. Using our Account Email Locator, you can check which email address you used when creating your site.

To check which email address you used:

  1. Click to go to the Account Email Locator.
  2. Enter your site's URL.
  3. Click Next.
You'll find the email address associated with your account under Your Wix account email is:. If you know your password, click Log In, if not, click Reset Password.
Unable to access the email address?
If you've forgotten your password, and you're unable to access the email address provided by the Account Email Locator, you can use the account recovery options listed here.
Other Issues:
If you're still unable to sign in to your account, select the reason below:

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