Wix Hotels by HotelRunner: An Overview

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Wix Hotels by HotelRunner makes it easier for you to run every aspect of your hospitality business. Manage your availability and reservations in one place using calendars. Offer more versatile options to your guests with customized packages. You can also showcase your rooms on all major booking sites. 
We are in the process of releasing Wix Hotels by HotelRunner but it's not available to everyone yet. Sign up for more information about Wix Hotels by HotelRunner and join the beta.
A screenshot of the welcome page for the new Wix Hotels Beta.

Take bookings from all major sales channels

Increase your total number of reservations by connecting your Wix Hotels site to industry-leading travel platforms like Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, and more. 
A screenshot showing the Channel manager where you connect Wix Hotels to travel platforms.

Manage all aspects of your hospitality business from one platform

Set rates by season, manage your room availability, and maintain your inventory, all using your site dashboard.
A screenshot showing how to edit a rate plan, including the meal options, selable markets and cancelation policy.

Provide a great customer experience every step of the way

Offer easy-to-understand room rates and seasonal offers while keeping in touch with your guests at every stage of their stay. You can also create unique offers to encourage guests to stay with you again. 
A screenshot showing a coupon creation form for the new Wix hotels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to help with all your questions. Click a question below to learn more about Wix Hotels by HotelRunner.

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