Setting Weekend Rates for Rooms in Wix Hotels

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You may want to charge a higher rate on weekends to account for higher demand. Alternatively, if your property is in a business district, the weekends may be a low demand time for you. Choose which nights are considered as "weekend nights", and set the rate accordingly.

Step 1 | Set Your Weekend Nights

You can set which nights are considered as "weekend nights" under Regional Settings. The "weekend nights" are usually determined by your country. For example, in the United States, the "weekend nights" are Friday and Saturday, whereas in Israel, the "weekend nights" are Thursday and Friday.

Step 2 | Add Your Weekend Rates

You can set different weekend rates for each room type that you offer. Edit an existing room type or add a new one, and enter the price in the Weekend price field.
You can also set seasonal rates so you can charge a higher rate during high season. Your weekend rates can differ here as well. Learn More

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