Wix Studio: Reverting After Switching

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If you feel that Wix Studio is not for you, you can revert to your previous experience at any time. When you revert, some Wix Studio features will no longer be available. Click a question below to learn more.
Information for Partners:
If you revert to the previous experience, you will go back to the regular Partner dashboard. Any sites you built in the Studio Editor can be found in your My Sites page in your Partner dashboard. 

Reverting to the previous experience

Only the owner of the team can decide to revert to the previous experience. Keep in mind that the entire team gets the same experience as the owner, so if the owner reverts, the rest of the team also reverts to the previous experience.
You can only revert from the original workspace that opened when you switched to Wix Studio.

To revert after switching to Wix Studio:

  1. Go to Workspace Settings in your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Click Revert to previous experience.
  3. Click Revert Experience.
A screenshot of clicking Revert Experience to go back to the previous experience.


Click a question below to learn more about reverting to previous experience from Wix Studio.