Wix Studio: A Tour of the Workspace

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Welcome agencies and enterprises, to the new Wix Studio workspace tailored exclusively for you. The workspace is designed to help you manage all of your projects and teammates seamlessly, while optimizing collaboration with your clients.
The workspace is packed with powerful tools to simplify your workflow, boost productivity, and save you valuable time and resources. 
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Create projects

The Wix Studio workspace allows you to create and manage multiple sites in one place, while maximizing your efficiency and scalability with reusable assets.


From Sites, you can manage all of the sites in your workspace and create new ones with our brand new Studio Editor. Sort and filter your sites using advanced filters such as Editor platform, Premium plans and publish status to find the site you're looking for.

You can also create a personalized onboarding kit with helpful resources for your client including video tutorials, documents and your contact details, so that they have everything they need when you handover the site. 
A screenshot of the Sites tab in Wix Studio workspace.

Custom templates

Use Custom Templates to simplify the way you build sites for clients and save your team valuable time. Customize the design, layout, and apps to fit your needs and create new sites without starting from scratch. It's an easy and efficient way to streamline the site creation process and deliver great results.
A screenshot of the custom templates tab in your Wix Studio workspace.

Custom apps

From Custom Apps, you can design and build custom apps using Wix Blocks. You can also collaborate with others in your workspace to build apps together. Add the apps you create to your custom templates, Wix sites, or share them with other Wix site owners via installation URLs. Finally, you can monetize and release your apps to the world by submitting them to the Wix App Market.
Go to Discover in your workspace for inspiration and education related to Wix Studio, as well as to keep up with product updates and releases.

Manage your projects

Take full control of all of your projects from one place in the workspace. Set up client reports for the sites you want, manage all the billing and subscriptions for your sites, and view your team's entire Customer Care ticket log so that you can access the information you need when you need.

Client Reports

Go to Client Reports to effortlessly send your clients monthly personalized email reports featuring their site analytics. Just choose which clients you want to receive the reports, and we will automatically fill in the data and send them for you.
A screenshot of the Client Reports tab under Client Experience in the Wix Studio workspace.

Billing & Subscriptions

From Billing & Subscriptions you can manage all the plans and domains that you have purchased from one place in the workspace. Easily see which subscriptions need renewing, which ones are unassigned, and if any have payment problems. You can also manage all your payment methods, vouchers, billing history and business email. 

Customer Care Tickets

View your workspace's entire support history log from Customer Care Tickets in your workspace. You can track previous interactions and issues raised by anyone in your team to Wix Customer Care, providing a comprehensive overview of their statuses and resolutions. You can also contact Customer Care directly from the ticket log.

Grow your business

If you're part of the Wix Partner Program you gain access to exclusive tools that help scale your business in your workspace.
Want to join the Wix Partner Program?
Gain access to all these features and other benefits by clicking the Join Our Partner Program on the top left of your workspace. Learn more about the joining the Wix Partner Program.

Revenue Share

From Revenue Share in your workspace, you can track your earnings and see how much you've earned from Premium sites. You can also view your past and pending payouts. As a Wix Partner, you can earn 50% revenue share on specific yearly plans and track your earnings. Once you reach Legend level, you can qualify for 20% revenue share on select Premium sites that you create for clients.


Access the Wix Marketplace and showcase your work to get matched with potential clients. From the Wix Marketplace, we'll match you with quality leads from Wix users looking to hire your skills and expertise. You can then manage project requests received from the Wix Marketplace, track and update projects statuses, add completed ones to showcase in your Marketplace profile and more.
If you are part of the Wix Marketplace, you can keep track of payments from clients and funds received from Wix Payments. Design professional proposals with customizable content, interactive pricing, and built-in invoicing. Create recurring invoices to get paid weekly, monthly, or yearly and keep track of payments from your clients to stay on top of your finances. You can also set up automations to send reminders to clients about invoices due, thank you notes for payments, and more to streamline your workflow.

Manage your agency

Manage all aspects of your team, workspace settings, and business information from one place.


Invite teammates from Team in your workspace and give them access to your sites and projects. You can assign your teammates different roles and permissions so that they can access specific parts of the workspace and carry out different actions.
A screenshot of the team tab in your Wix Studio workspace.


From Settings, you can set up your workspace including the name and logo, or delete the workspace entirely. You can also revert back to the previous experience if you switched to Wix Studio and decide you no longer want to use it.

From Business Info under Settings, you can add your business's information so that your clients can contact you. 
A screenshot of the Workspace Settings tab in Wix Studio.

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