Wix Stores: Displaying Product Subcategories

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While Wix Stores does not currently have a way to create subcategories, you can still display subcategories in your site menu.
In this article, learn how to:

Creating subcategories in sites with the Category Page

Wix is in the process of releasing a new Category Page which is not yet available to all.
If you have new Category Page, you'll see it in the Editor, in Pages & Menu on the left.
To create a site menu with product categories and subcategories, start by adding each of the individual categories to the menu. In the next step, you'll nest some of the categories under the main ones. You can create submenus whether you're using the regular site menu or advanced menus
Before you begin:
Create all the categories and subcategories you want to display.

To create a site menu with submenu items:

Follow the instructions below for the type of site menu you're using:

Creating subcategories in sites without the Category Page

To create subcategories in the site menu, first create as many shop pages as you need, each displaying a different category. After adding them to the site menu, you can drag them under each other to create sub-pages to create subcategories. 


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