Wix Restaurants: Adding and Setting Up DoorDash Drive

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  • This article is about integrating the original Restaurants Orders app with DoorDash Drive.
  • We're in the process of releasing a new restaurants orders app, which does not currently integrate with DoorDash Drive.
  • Delivering with DoorDash Drive is currently available only in the US and Canada.
Save yourself the trouble of hiring and managing your own delivery drivers by letting DoorDash Drive deliver for you. 
Orders will still be coming in through your restaurant site. This means you don't lose traffic and can still manage all your orders in one place. If you want, you can handle some deliveries yourself. Best of all - you're only charged a flat rate fee.
Before you begin:
To set up DoorDash Drive as a delivery partner, make sure to:
  • Set up an online payment method so customers can pay online for orders (e.g. credit card, PayPal). DoorDash only accepts online payment options and doesn't accept cash.
  • Enable tips for online orders. You can customize the default tip settings for orders you fulfill but not for DoorDash Drive deliveries. When deliveries are fulfilled with DoorDash Drive, the tips customers leave at checkout are paid to DoorDash.
You can take incoming phone orders that are in your delivery area. Currently, you can't take phone orders and have DoorDash fulfill the delivery. To vote for this feature, click here.

Step 1 | Add DoorDash Drive & create an account

To add DoorDash Drive as a delivery partner, add the DoorDash app to your site and sign up for a DoorDash Drive account. 
DoorDash Drive allows customers to order from your site (not from the DoorDash Marketplace) and get delivery from a DoorDash delivery person.
The app is free to install. After, you pay a flat-rate fee per order.
If you have an existing account with DoorDash Drive, you still have to sign up for a new account to add them as a delivery partner. 

To add DoorDash Drive:

  1. Go to the Order Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Delivery & Delivery Partners.
  3. Click + Delivery Partner.
  4. Select DoorDash Drive for Restaurants.
  5. Click Add to Site. Click Add to Site again to confirm.
  6. Click Register.
  7. Click Copy to copy your Unique Business Identifier number, and then click Continue.

Step 2 | Sign the DoorDash agreement

Before you can begin to deliver orders, DoorDash Drive requires you to fill out the agreement you accessed in Step 1 and sign it. This agreement is between you and DoorDash Drive.
It typically takes a few minutes for DoorDash Drive to approve your account, but it can sometimes take up to a few hours. When they approve, DoorDash Drive will send you an email and your status changes to Active. 

Step 3 | Create a delivery area

You can create a DoorDash Drive delivery area for every location you have. DoorDash Drive does not define a specific area within which they deliver. The size of the delivery area is dynamic and depends on the amount of traffic at any particular time.
Combining self-delivery with DoorDash Drive delivery:
Incoming orders are assigned to you first when the delivery address is within your area. If outside your area and within the DoorDash Drive delivery area, the order is assigned to DoorDash. 

To set up a DoorDash Drive delivery area:

  1. Go to Order Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Delivery & Delivery Partners.
  3. Click + New Area.
  4. (Optional) Enter a minimum order amount for this area.
  5. Click the Delivery method drop-down and select DoorDash Drive for Restaurants.
  6. (Optional) Click the Cover part of the delivery fee checkbox to pay part of the delivery fee that DoorDash charges your customers and enter the amount you want to cover.
  7. Under Pickup instructions, enter instructions for the DoorDash courier. 
  8. Under Maximum Delivery Time, enter an estimate of how long it should take from the time you receive an order until your customers receive it (i.e. prep time + delivery time).
  9. (Optional) Click the Edit icon   under Availability to edit your delivery hours. Then click Apply.
    You can also temporarily make this delivery unavailable by disabling the Availability toggle.
  10. Click Save
  11. If you have more than one location, you can repeat the steps above to set up additional delivery areas. 
  12. (Recommended) Place a test order with delivery DoorDash to make sure delivery works smoothly.
Next steps:
Now that you're all set up, you can start delivering orders through DoorDash Drive.


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