Wix Pro Gallery: Adding and Customizing Text

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Adding text (titles and descriptions) to your gallery items, helps site visitors get a better understanding of your media. Titles and descriptions help give context to your images and videos and shape your visitors' experience.
You also have the option to add alt text to your media. Alt text helps search engines understand your content and improve your SEO, and is important for accessibility purposes. Some of your site visitors might be using screen readers, which read out the alt text to describe the media on your site.
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You can add a title, description and alt text to your Wix Pro Gallery media.

To add text:

  1. Click the Pro Gallery in your editor.
  2. Click Manage Media.
  3. Select an image or video.
  4. Enter the image's title, description and alt text in the relevant fields.
  5. Click Done.
Screenshot showing Title, Description and Alt Text fields for gallery items in the Media Manager.

Customizing the design of the text

You can also make further customizations to the text by changing the design. You can adjust the colors, use your own fonts, change the layout and much more. This helps blend the text in nicely with the image so that it complements the style of your brand.
Available design options depend on the gallery layout you choose.

To customize the design of the text:

  1. Click the Wix Pro Gallery in your editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Design tab. 
  4. Click Texts.
  5. Choose which text you want to display: Title and / or Description.
  6. Customize the following options:
Screenshot showing Text customization options in the Design tab of the Settings panel.

Text issues may arise while designing your gallery. Click an option below to learn more about each issue and how to troubleshoot it.
Try it on mobile:
You can also customize how the text looks on mobile. Click the Switch to Mobile icon from the top bar of the editor to switch to mobile settings. Here, you can choose what happens to the text when you tap the image.


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